1. This really is a sad situation for everyone involved and the sport. Especially if the rumors that Adrian Sutil had a contract to drive this year as well. In an interview before Australia, former Sauber driver Nico Hulkenberg said he was not surprised by the situation.

    Unfortunately, I see this as just a sympton of the larger issue: Budget control. Sauber was clearly desperate for cash, like most of the mid-field teams are. I can definitely see this being brought up a lot as the debate for cost cutting in the sport continues.


  2. I understand that Sauber needed the money, but I don’t think it excuses them from at the very least apologizing. Instead they chose to say oh we have really good reasons, for using pay drivers like a form of revolving credit, but we aren’t going to tell you them, because we don’t want a media mud fight… aka. if they told us the truth and gave the real answers we would be even more horrified by their actions!


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