As we reported last week, Valtteri was injured during qualifying in Australia. He had injured an annular part of a disc in his back during Q2, which was further aggravated in Q3. This injury kept him from competing in the Australian Grand Prix. This left many of us wondering what his status will be for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Bottas has been posting pics of himself on his Twitter account walking in pools, lifting weights, and running on some kind of summit trainer (Yes I had to heavily research what that was since I have never stepped foot in a gym). Clearly Bottas is working diligently to be physically ready to get back in the car for this weekend’s race. However on Twitter, Williams reminded everyone that like Fernando Alonso, Valtteri too needs to pass a final medical test from the FIA on Thursday.

One thing is for sure we here at Formula Feud cannot wait to see Valtteri Bottas back in his Williams this weekend. Williams’ return to the top of the grid has really given us all a chance to see what he can do in a Formula 1 car. Because of this Valtteri was one of the most exciting drivers to watch in 2014. We are sure 2015 will get even more exciting as soon as both Williams are back on the grid with Felipe Massa, and Valtteri Bottas at the wheel.

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